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Lois Lane

The General's Daughter

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Name:Lois J. Lane
Location:Smallville, Kansas, United States of America
Parents: Ella (deceased) and General Sam Lane
Siblings: Lucy Lane
Aunt: Moira Sullivan
Uncle: Gabe Sullivan
Cousin: Chloe Sullivan

Lois was an army brat, the daughter of Sam and (assuredly, though never stated) Ella Lane. She spent her formative years following her career military father around the world. Her mother died when Lois and her younger sister, Lucy were both very young; Lois was six at the time. Later, Sam sent Lucy to boarding school, while Lois traveled around with him during her youth.

"Official warning: I'm a third degree black belt. That means I can't be held liable for any funeral costs."

Lois' childhood and youth was spent on different army bases with her father, General Sam Lane, whom she refers to as "The General". As a result of her upbringing, Lois is a persistent, slightly impulsive, if not head-strong, woman. She often uses sarcasm and random, obscure references to illustrate her point. She takes charge of (or takes over) most situations and is wildly brave, often risking her life by crashing forward, only to have to either frantically talk her way out of or physically defend herself in dangerous situations.

Lois is close to her cousin Chloe and is very protective of her. Despite their arguing, Lois is surprisingly caring towards Clark, frequently but reluctantly admitting that she appreciates his friendship. Lois' nickname for Clark is "Smallville".

Lois' tough exterior seemingly covers underlying insecurities. She desperately seeks approval from her father and blames herself her her sister failures. She has self-described herself as a "screw-up" and freely acknowledges when she has worsened a situation. She also talks without thinking, causing her to often seem insensitive.

Lois enjoys video games and 1980s rock music. She is also very athletic; she is trained in various sorts of martial arts, runs, and is a good swimmer.

[Lois Lane is not mine. She belongs DC comics. This is the Smallville version. No profit is being made. This journal is just for fun. Clois gif by [info]_onebreath. Sexual themes are within this journal. You've been warned. Muse and mun 18+]
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